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MD Paralegal & Business Services

Types of Visas for the  USA 


Tourist & Bussi​ness

B1 - Temporary Visitor for Business

B2- Temporary  Visitor for Pleasure      

Trader & Investor

E1-  treaty is for managers and essential employees of foreign national.

E2- investor status requires an investment by one or more nationals of the treaty trader

Profissional Works 

​H-1 B Profissional  Workes

H-1C Nurses in Health Profissional Shortage  Areas 

H-2A Temporary Agricultor Worker

H-2B Other Temporary Workers

Student Visa 

F-1 or I-20   This visa is for attending 
Grammar school 
Junior High 
High School 
College or University 

Visa for Intracompany Transferees       (L ​visa)

 L-1A   Executive and Managers 

L-1B  for a position that requires specialized knowledge